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Quality & Certs


Assiniboine Aerospace Inc. is a member of ASA. The Aviation Suppliers Association’s Standard (ASA-100)is globably recongnized and listed as an acceptable quality system standard in the Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular 00-56 B(latest revision), Voluntary Industry Distributor Accreditation Program (FAA AC 00-56).


The quality control management at Assiniboine Aerospace Inc. propcess works along with the requirements of FAA, EASA, Transport Canada and JAA regulations as well as the regulations of the country of destiny. Our quality program satisfies the requirements of a total quality management systems for maintenance, repair, overhaul inspection, and modification of aircraft instruments, accessories and of aircraft & avionics systems.


All parts supplied by Assiniboine Aerospace have trace to one or a combination of the OEM’s, FAA 121/129 carriers, FAA 145 repair stations with the applicable FAA 8130-3, JAA/EASA Form 1, and other airworthiness documents.


In order to ensure the integrity of parts supplied, the quality manual adheres to the following general guidelines  • Adequate warehousing facilities • All areas are ventilated and provide adequate space for their intended purpose. • All parts within the serviceable storage area are environmentally protected to prevent any possible damage during storage • All unserviceable and non-aviation related items shall be segregated from serviceable or new products in such a manner as to preclude the issuance/delivery of an unserviceable or non-aviation product for intended use on a type certificate aircraft, engine component or accessory.



The Quality System of Assiniboine Aerospace Inc. ensure that proper inspection of all products received and inventoried is carried out in accordance with internal inspection procedures.


Document Control

Assiniboine Aerospace Inc. implement and maintain a comprehensive document control system. This system will ensure that no document changes are enacted unless the parties authorized to approve have properly signed them off.


Product Identification and Traceability

Assiniboine Aerospace Inc. maintain a formal system providing for the identification and traceability of product through all stages of receipt to shipment to the customer.


Control of Nonconforming Products

All nonconforming products within Assiniboine Aerospace Inc. facility are clearly marked or designated and shall be segregated from products which are conforming.


Handling, Storage, Packaging and Delivery

Assiniboine Aerospace Inc. provide packaging, storage, handling and delivery in such a way as to prevent damage and deterioration of product(s).


Quality Records

Assiniboine Aerospace Inc. maintain a formal Quality Records system. All records are legible and clearly identifiable as to product/process or activity they pertain to and are readily retrievable.